Ukulele songwriter and New Hampshire native, Aaron Lee has dazzled audiences all over the United States and Europe with his originally crafted blend of bluegrass, country, and old time jazz.  Lee’s music is as fun and quirky as the instrument he plays, with each song on his debut album, The Ukulele Project (2010), creatively and intentionally featuring the word ‘ukulele’.

In the fall of 2010, Lee introduced the “Ukulele by Bicycle Tour” in which he toured by bicycle, performing concerts along the way in partnership with local groups and organizations that shared the values of community, local action and sustainability.  Lee rode over 4000 miles and performed around 80 concerts all over the eastern United States.  Audiences in bicycle cooperatives, coffee shops, bars and farmers markets found Lee’s music, and interactive performance, to be a great way to come together in celebration of their community.

The Ukulele Project takes us on a journey, stopping everywhere from the Androscoggin River in Maine, to the Andes Mountains in South America and everywhere in between.  Lee introduces Kaylee Ukulele, who likes to “sit between the dunes and play her ukulele”, proclaims that Arkansas should be known as “the ukulele state” and lets us know what happens if you break his ukulele.  We are invited to begin our day by waking up with a ukulele, dance a ukulele waltz, and finish our day with a ukulele lullaby.  The record is guaranteed to make you laugh and will leave you with a smile on your face and a ukulele song in your head.